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Patterns of spontaneous brain activity in first-episode schizophrenic patients

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Recent studies have shown that the spontaneous or task-unrelated activity of the brain is not a random signal,but on the contrary is organized in networks comprising interconnected areas of the brain with common functions. Several distinct networks are readily demonstrated in resting subjects, some related to primary sensory-motor functions and others apparently to higher cognitive functions. Notably, some areas seem correlated with attention demanding functions (“task-positive” networks), while other areas display a lower activity
during task-oriented activity (the “task-negative” or the default mode network). Preliminary studies of schizophrenic patients have shown alterations in these networks as well as in their interrelations. The purpose of the present study is to confirm the existence of network alterations in drug-naïve patients, to
extend previous studies by considering a more complete set of networks under meticulous control for physiological confound, and finally to investigate the relationship between network activity and the reward system
as studied with task related fMRI and 123IBZM-SPECT.
Data acquisition is underway as part of the MRI protocol for Cohort C.

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