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Mother-infant Interaction, affective cognition and attachment Postpartum in new mothers with bipolar Affective Disorder (MIPAD)

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Mother-infant Interaction, affective cognition and attachment postpartum in new mothers with Affective Disorder (MIPAD) (2017–2021).
Affective disorders have a high genetic heritability but the influence of early environmental risk is unclear. This study investigates for the first time whether new mothers with bipolar or unipolar disorder in remission display aberrant neural and cognitive response to emotional infant stimuli and whether this is related to difficulties in the early mother-infant interaction and child development.
Observational study of mothers and their infants that involves: 1 fMRI, 1 neuropsychological assessment, 1 eye-tracking and psychophysiological assessment, 1 assessment of mother-infant interaction and 1 assessment of child development
Resultater (forventede):
The results have been written up in 3 papers; 1 paper is accepted for publication in Social Cognition and Affective Neuroscience, and 2 papers are in review.
Key findings indicate that healthy mothers show more attention toward emotional infant stimuli than control women without young children. In contrast, mothers with affective disorders display blunted attentional and psychophysiological responses toward infant stimuli compared with healthy mothers. In addition, mothers with unipolar disorder and bipolar disorder displayed some negative and positive cognitive biases, respectively, in their neurocognitive processing of infant stimuli. Across all mothers, some measures of aberrant neurocognitive responses to infant stimuli correlated with delayed infant development or less sensitive maternal behavior.
Diskussion/Impact (forventet):
The perspective is ultra-early prophylactic interventions targeting aberrant neurocognitive responses to infant emotional signals in mothers with affective disorders and early prevention of the transmission of mental illness from these mothers to their children.
The findings provide a basis for our newly started PreScreen study.


  • Sundhedsvidenskab - Mood Disorders, Neuroimaging, Psychological assessment and psychometrics, Cognition, Observational study

ID: 61736873