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Exploring the Causal Effects of Immune Responses to Cognitive and Mental Health through integrating Large-scale Genomics with Longitudinal Studies

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  1. PRECISE-suicide prediction

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Intro:. The present project will go beyond the current knowledge on the relation between cytokine levels and brain, cognitive and mental health. We will discover cytokines, whose levels are primary causes of brain, cognitive and mental health or problems, taking into account the effect of age and other confounding factors
Metoder: 1). Based on large-scale GWAS studies, to Identify causal cytokines for brain structural variations, cognitive and mental health; 2). With the rich-phenotyped “LifeBrain” sample, to Investigate if the causal effects of cytokines depend on age and environmental factors; 3). Using big data mining techniques, to Study the causal effects of cytokine networks on brain structural variation, cognitive and mental health; and, 4). Based on our LCBC longitudinal sample with 1200 individuals with brain scans, biomarkers, cognition and psychopathology, to Explore the causal effects of the rate of changes in cytokine levels on the rate of changes in brain structure, cognitive and mental health.
Resultater (forventede):.Will be published in multiple papers over the next years
Diskussion/impact (forventet): Knowing the causal relations between cytokines and brain, cognitive and mental health can also suggest guidance in the management of other types of diseases, e.g. cancers and autoimmune disorders. data generated by this project will be used in future studies of GWAS, proteomics, and systems biology.


  • Sundhedsvidenskab - Neurocognitive/Organic Disorders, Biomarkers, Cognition, Genetic Techniques, Neuroimaging, Neurophysiology, Observational Study

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