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Region Hovedstaden - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital

BrainDrugs - Deep Phenotyping and Register based follow-up (WP3)

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In this project we will combine already existing data from different cohorts of voluntary persons (healthy volunteers as well as mood disorder patients) who have participated in relevant VEK-approved brain research projects anchored at the Neurobiology Research Unit, RH or the Psychiatric Centre Copenhagen, RH. We will seek to enrich these data by relevant national register-based information provided through Danmarks Statistik with the purpose of identifying: (a) Brain imaging (molecular, functional and structural) and cognitive markers of risk and resilience for depressive episodes in healthy individuals. (b) Brain imaging, psychometric and cognitive features in at-risk/ remitted individuals predictive of future depressive episodes. (c) Brain imaging, psychometric and cognitive markers of longer term outcomes of psychiatric treatment in mood disorder patient cohorts.

ID: 61971119