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Region Hovedstaden - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital

A document analysis of how psychiatric patients, hospitalized in open sections, describes their problems, challenges, causes and what strategies they choose to get better

Projekt: Typer af projekterProjekt

  • Møller, Elsebeth Bredahl Holten (Projektdeltager)
  • Madsen, Anna Kristine Waldemar, Kompetencecenter for Rehabilitering og Recovery, Psykiatrisk Center Ballerup, Danmark (Projektdeltager)
  • Gildberg, Frederik Alkier, Institut for regional Sundhedsforskning, Region Syddanmark, Danmark (Projektleder, faglig)
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Aim: The aim of this study is to investigate characteristics of psychiatric inpatients in open wards experiences and perceptions of problems, challenges, reasons and what strategies patients use to get better.
Method: The investigation informed by Symbolic Interactionism (SI) which aims gaining insight into the way people create meaning into the things they encounter. Empirically thematic testing analysis(ETTA) is chosen. It aims to ensure the development, interpretation and analysis of source material, which in this case is patient interviews(Gildberg, 2015; Hounsgaard, 2018) ETTA comprises seven steps in the text analyses: Step 1: First reading of the empiric source material. Step 2: Formulation of an analytic question. Step 3: Coding. Step 4: Condensation. Step 5: Categorizing. Step 6: Thematization. Step 7: Theme development.

In- and exclusion criteria’s:
Interview schemes: Interview schemes formulated and interpreted in the language of the profession
Schemes with patient’s formulations and Words: Interviews in English
Danish language

Interview data were retrospective and anonymous, gender and age homogeneous. 83 un coded schemes were excluded. 57 interviews of 105 met the inclusion criteria’s


ID: 55838349