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Region Hovedstaden - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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Dr. Ulla Bjerre-Christensen is head of the Education department at Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen (SDCC) since 2012. She is a trained endocrinologist and a skilled educationalist, She has been in charge of executing large international education programmes primarily in low and middle-income countries and developed large on-line programmes for doctors and nurses in diabetes management.  Her current educational focus in on improving diabetes management among the health care professionals in the Capital Region of Copenhagen and the rest of Denmark.

The primary focus of her work is translating knowledge of diabetes management into applicable care for health care professionals through face-to-face teaching and on-line programmes. She is currently responsible for the strategic development of SDCC Education into a regional and national knowledge center within diabetes management and education of health care professionals.

She holds a Ph.D in early development of type 1 diabetes is a former associated professor at the University of Copenhagen and holds a master of professions health education MHPE from Maastricht University. 

Her area of research has shifted from development of T1DM to health professional education with a specific focus of tranferal of knowledge and implementation of knoweldge, skills and competencies.

ID: 50221385