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Region Hovedstaden - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital

Susanne Elisabeth Pors


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Primære forskningsområder

Female fertility; Folliculogenesis; in vitro activation 


Aktuel forskning

Susanne Pors, veterinarian and PhD, started in a three year postdoc position at LRB in January 2016. In her project she focus on the activation of ovarian dormant primordial follicles by treating the ovarian tissue in connection to transplantation. This approach is named “in vitro activation” and employs the possibility to promote follicle growth in the ovary. By using in vitro activation the dormant follicles will be mobilized in a high number, improving the chances for obtaining a fertilizable oocyte. The increased numbers of maturing follicles will benefit women having only few oocytes present. The project aim to: identify and describe the mechanisms of in vitro activation and the impact on oocyte health and viability. Thereby validating and verifying this method as a future clinical treatment. The project is a part of the ReproUnion -  a collaboration between Sweden and Denmark within the area of reproductive medicine, funded by EU Interreg V.

ID: 46009385