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Region Hovedstaden - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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Professor in Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine. Specialist in Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine.More than 260 articles and book chapters on haemodynamic, humoral, and metabolic aspects of chronic liver disease.


Primære forskningsområder

Aspects of Clinical Physiology and Nuclear Medicine and patophysiology. Main research areas are metabolic, humoral, and haemodynamic complications of chonic liver disease, cirrhosis, and portal hypertension. Main research topics include pathophysiology and homeostatic organ-related complications and fluid retention.

Aktuel forskning

Current research programmes cover studies on changes in pulmonary dysfunction, bacterial translocation and inflammation of cardiac and renal dysfunction in cirrhosis. Pathophysiology and epidemiology relating to cirrhotic cardiomyopathy and investigation of novel biomarkers of renal injury, inflammation, and cardiac dysfunction. Currently, we run protocols relating to acute and chronic haemodynamic effects of betablockers and antibiotics (Rifaximin) on renal function and splanchnic and systemic haemodynamics. Currently, we run studies on haemodymic and humoral effects of intrahepatic shunts (TIPS) in patients with fluid retention and we conduct several prospective studies on cardiac and renal complications developing along with changes in liver dysfunction.

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