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Ultrasonography (US) is commonly used in inflammatory arthropathies and in gout patients, US is able to visualize urate deposits. However, only a few studies have been made to examine the use of US in gout. Therefore, further studies are needed to evaluate the reliability of ultrasonography in terms of diagnosis and monitoring of gout patients.

The department in which the study is conducted are known to have a high international level both regarding ultrasonography and scientific research in general.

Primære forskningsområder

In this PhD study, performed by Doctor Sara Nysom Christiansen, the aim is to further develop US for optimized diagnosis and management of gout. The study is divided into four sub-studies. In the first sub-study US is explored regarding optimized diagnosis of gout and in the second US is used to monitor gout patients. In the third sub-study patients diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (and negative antibodies) but poor effect of standard medicine are examined using US to observe if they in fact show signs of gout lesions. In the fourth sub-study gout patients are scanned with a special type of CT scan (dual energy CT). This CT scan will be compared to US examination to determine, how the two different scans visualize the same gout lesions.

Aktuel forskning

Currently research are initiated regarding the first two substudies: US for optimized diagnosis of gout and US for optimized monitoring of gout patients.

Mulige interessekonflikter

No current conflicts of interest.

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