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Region Hovedstaden - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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Molecular biology methods; Cell biology; Neurobiology; Protein chemistry,Genetics, Bio-informatics

Primære forskningsområder

Central nervous system; Cerebral stroke; Diabetes, Hypertension; Endothelial dysfunction;  Phosphodiesterases;  Signalling pathways; Genetics; Human brain cell model

Aktuel forskning

My current project is to establish a human brain endothelial cell model of microvessels. In this cell model we investigate the regulation and interplay between high blood sugar levels, blood perfusion in the smallest vessels of the brain and the level of signalling molecules.  Furthermore, looking into the genetic regulation (microRNAs)of the signalling pathways will enlighten the underlying mechanisms in small vessel stroke. This will highlight new targets for better of protection of blood vessels injured during stroke and treatment that will be tested in clinical studies to benefit the patients. As small vessel stroke is a significant cause of disability and death, it is important  to identify patients at high risk for stroke for better disease staging, prevention and treatment.

ID: 42458638