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Intensive care;triage;early warning score;haematologic malignancies;critical illness

Primære forskningsområder

Intensive care;triage;early warning score;haematologic malignancies;critical illness

Aktuel forskning

If admitted to an intensive care unit (ICU) only 40 % of patients with haematologic malignancies (HM) will survive till hospital discharge, which is much lower compared to the general ICU population. By studying the factors associated to death and morbidity in haematologic ward and in the ICU, we could prevent patient deterioration and improve outcome for the growing population of critically ill patients with haematologic malignancies. We aim to develop and validate a more dynamic framework for risk stratification and intervention and further practical models for prevention, identification and care for acute critical illness. We have engaged departments of haematology and intensive care on a national scale, and cooperate with the international ‘NINEi network’ in order to ensure validation and implementation of our work. Ultimately, the framework could permit focus of resources on HM patients most at risk, without loss of overall treatment quality or patient safety. 

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