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Region Hovedstaden - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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  • Psychopathology and treatment especially of affective disorders
  • Electroconvulsive therapy
  • Neuroimaging in affective disorders: PET and MRI
  • Psychiatric epidemiology
  • Psychiatric disorders during pregnancy and postnatal period
  • Psychiatric disorders in patients with severe somatic diseases

Primære forskningsområder

  • PET and MRI studies of patients with unipolar depression
  • Postpartum depression and PTSD
  • Treatment of the difficult-to-treat depressed patient
  • Social cognition in patients with schizophrenia and depression
  • A model of depression: Hepatitis C virus’ impact on the brain

Aktuel forskning

  • Neuropsychiatric research in Electroconvulsive treatment
  • Metabolic and Transcriptomic Profiling of Women with Postpartum Depression
  • Influence of major depression on the mortality and morbidity of myocardial infarction and heart failure
  • Effects of Pulsating Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) in treatment-refractory patients with unipolar depression
  • Wake therapy of treatment-refractory in-patients with unipolar depression
  • Olfaction in depressed patients using Magnetoencephalography (MEG)
  • Treatment of cognitive impairments in patients recovering from depression with advanced Brain+ brain training technology

ID: 45445087