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Internal Medicine; Rheumatology; Psoriatic Arthritis

Primære forskningsområder

Prognostic factors in psoriatic arthritis

Aktuel forskning

I have a medical degree (2008) and have been employed as a PhD student at The Parker Institute since 2015. The 3 main studies of my phd are following: 
Study 1 (Epidemiological study): Influence of obesity on treatment outcomes in patients with psoriatic arthritis treated with Tumour Necrosis Factor alpha inhibitors.  (Published: PMID: 27651526)
Study 2 (Clinical research study): Exploring the predictive value of ultrasonographic changes and pain mechanisms in patients with psoriatic athritis intensifying disease modifying drugs. Protocol published: (PMID: 27084281)
Study 3 (Systematic literature review): The measurement properties of patient reported outcomes used in psoriatic arthritis.

ID: 45806315