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                                                             Curriculum vitae




Name: Pia Munkholm


Title: Professor,Consultant, DMSci


Current position:professor North Zealand hospital, Gastroenterology department


Education: medical doctor


Research Experience:Ever scince 1982 my research has been about epidemiology in  IBD, -Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis and disease occurrence, course and prognosis.Pattern recognition of disease courses led in 1999 to development of web-applications in gastroenterology. Furthermore home-monitoring where PRO’s –Patient Reported Outcome implied guidance of medication with 5-aminisalisylates and higher up in treatment steps in the pyramid,5 eHealth phd’s inclusive in children, has proven that by “lead time bias” the patient obtain remission faster and for a longer period of time as the inflammation burden is less when the eHealth application support the IBD patients.

IBS-irritable bowel syndrome patients, have been added to the 12 web-applications where the Australian lowFODMAP show tremendous efficacy reaching 80 % remission rates.  

Recntly Children from 9-18 years have monitored themselves at home with disease activity scoring and Fecal calprotectin. Recently our group was rated top 10 in Europe, ECCO for development of a CalprSmartphone test used for homemoniroeing. Inflamation burden scoring cumulated from disease specific activity with fecal calprotectin was presented in a traffic light increasing adherence, compliance and patient empowerment.


Research Interest:Epidemiology in Europe, EpiCom group DCCD Danish Crohn Colitis database, constant-care web-applications. Furthermore fecal calprotectin web-app home-monitoring and microbiota has been set up in the eHealth gastroenterology laboratory.


Ongoing Research:eHealth influencing microbiome. Inflammationburden in IBD and IBS. Development of algorithm that comfort the consultant in mucosal healing by home-monitoring of intestinal inflammation level by fecal expression of calprotectin and the cange of microbiome.


Communication: referral to university of Copenhagen and educating masterdegree in IT and Health under leadership of ass professor Lars Kayser:



Pia Munkholm 25.03.15

ID: 32827