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My primary area of research revolves around the psychosocial experiences and care needs of young children living with type 1 diabetes or other chronic illnesses. I focus particularly on employing child-centered methods to comprehensively understand the child's perspective. The main goal is to explore factors contributing to the well-being and active engagement of young children in their own care, emphasizing trust, child-centered approaches, and supportive relationships.

By utilizing narrative interviews and play-based approaches, my research spotlights the crucial role of trust in the relationship between young children and healthcare professionals (HCPs). Trust serves as a fundamental element, facilitating positive psychosocial experiences, alleviating fears, anxieties, and needle phobia, and enhancing satisfaction with care for both the child and the HCP. My research underscores the significance of child-centered care, emphasizing the importance of considering the child's unique needs, perspectives, and abilities in providing effective psychosocial support.


I have prior research experience in child nutrition, and factors influencing children's nutritional choices and habits. My work extends into sensory science, exploring the early development of taste preferences and eating habits in children, and a specific focus on the baby-led weaning approach to infant feeding.


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