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Chief Physician, PhD, DMSci in internal medicine, infectious diseases and Clinical Professer at Copenhagen University. Head of the Department of Clinical Research at Amager and Hvidovre Hospital and holds the position of Research Director at the Hospital.

Responsible for the strategic development of research at the hospital, and for identification and establishment of innovative projects.

(Co-) author of more than 145 peer reviewed scientific publications.

Principal investigator of numerous clinical trials within the field of infectious diseases and acute medicine. More than 20 years of experience as research leader of different groups.

Primære forskningsområder

Bio-medical focussed research line

  • Biomarkers of biological aging, chronic inflammation and nutritional risk in acutely admitted patients
  • Untangling the underlying mechanisms of the biologival ageing, inflammation, sarcopenia and organ dysfunction
  • Prevention and treatment of physical dependence in frail patients
  • Multimorbidity and polypharmacy


Socio-implementation focussed research line

  • Barriers and facilitators for implementation of screening tools in the Emergency Departments and physical activity in multimorbid persons
  • Knowledge transfer across specialties and sectors
  • Communication and patient involvement
  • Managerial and organizational structures impact on clinical practice and quality of care


Physio-rehab focussed research line

  • Evaluation of the effect of strength training in acutely admitted patients
  • Impairment and function
  • Development and validation of strength and fatigue resistance measurements, and reaction time tests in multimorbid patients and geriatric patients

Aktuel forskning

Currently, Ove Andersen is head of three interdisciplinary programmes concerning biomarkers, biological ageing and patient involvement in the Emergency Department. 

The program Optimed "Optimized Senior Patient Program", and "Biological Ageing in Acutely admitted patients", consists of a staff of more than 30 scientific senior researchers, postdocs, PhD students and master students.

Ove Andersen has recently managed to collect +30 international highly esteemed researchers to create a consortium, a Clinical Academic Group (CAG) nominated by Greater Copenhagen Health Science Partners 2019. The vision of the CAG is to change acute health care from a single disease paradigm into addressing the challenge of increased prevalence of chronic diseases, functional limitations, and polypharmacy in an ageing demography - and contribute to the understanding of resolution and ageing mechanisms, healthy or unhealthy, and how they are influenced by disease progression and adaption by develop and implement of real-time measures for personalised recovery capacity on the systemic, functional, and molecular level.

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