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Region Hovedstaden - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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It is my job to set up studies/trials aimed at improving tertiary stroke prevention


1974                             Registered Nurse, Bispebjerg School of Nursing

1982-1983                      Further education in advanced nursing, Danmarks, 
                                      Sygeplejerskehøjskole, Copenhagen

1999-2001                      Master of Public Health - University of Copenhagen

2007-2010                      Ph.d-student at University of Copenhagen


1974-1976                      RN , Acute Care Unit, Bispebjerg Hospital (BBH)

1976-1977                      RN, Gynaecologic Unit, Sønderbro Hospital

1977-1979                      RN, Pediatric Unit, KAS-Gentofte

1979-1984                      Head Nurse, Pediatric Unit, KAS-Gentofte

1974-1988                      Educating nurse, BBH

1988-1991                      Head Nurse, Rheumathologic Unit, BBH

1991-1995                      Project Manager, Neurologic Unit, BBH

1995-1999                      Chief Nurse, Esbønderup Hospital

2001-2010                      Director of nursing and rehabilitation research

                                      Clinical Research  Center, 
                                       dep. 136, Hvidovre Hospital

2011                                        Research Nurse, Neurologic Department, Herlev Hospital


Professional societies

Danish Society of Stroke (Member and Editor)

Teaching experience

I have been responsible for teaching and management of courses in various topics including  a three-day course in basic research methodology for nurses and rehabilitation staff in our region.


Prevention of recurrent stroke

Management of hypertension

Primære forskningsområder

A RCT aimed at preventing stroke recurrence was performed by management of hypertension, lowering cholesterol and advising the patient about regular visits to the GP's office for measuring of blood pressure and analysis of relevant blood samples.

The successful outcome of the study has changed our way of organizing patients' follow up visits after discharge. One important topic is writing the patients' personal blood pressure targets (office and home blood pressure) and the target of the treatment of the LDL-cholesterol into the written information sheet by the end of the visit. Patients are taught how to measure blood pressure at home. 



Aktuel forskning

Epidemiological research:

A cohort of 1306 stroke patients from three Copenhagen hospitals was performed by  interview and filling out a comprehensive questionnaire. Patients were included in the cohort between April 2004 and September 2007

Baseline data include all relevant risk factors as well as information about patient's education, visits to the GP, women' use of hormone replacement therapy, compliance with medication, social network prior to the stroke as well as their post stroke self-rated health

We will now follow up by linking the cohort to various registries like The Danish National Registry of Patients, The Civil Registration System and The Danish National Database of Reimbursed Prescriptions.

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