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Region Hovedstaden - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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Primære forskningsområder

1. Research area:
Promoting daily physical activity: My research relates to collecting and analyzing physical activity and health data. In this context, I have side projects regarding method development within measuring daily life physical activity with sensors, primarily accelerometers.

2. Research area:
Health profiles in the generel population: I work in a part time position, where 40% of my work time is with Center for Clinical Research and Prevention. Here, I assist in data collection and analyses and reporting of health data, primarily related to objective measures of physical activity.

Aktuel forskning

Research project – TEACHOUT
Aim: to investigate how education outside the classroom (EOtC) impacts academic performance through interrelations with social relations and cooperation, physical activity, and school well-being among 3rd to 6th grade children.
Collaborators: TEACHOUT is a research project conducted in cooperation with University of Copenhagen, University of Southern Denmark and VIA University College.

Research project: Sendentary behavior and physical activity in ”Helbred2016”. Aim: To describe objectively measured daily sleep, sedentary behavior and physical activity in the adult population and these outcomes’ association with risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

ID: 50238830