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Region Hovedstaden - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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Clinical epidemiology; general epidemiology; registry-based research, family and life course studies

Primære forskningsområder

Clinical epidemiology within cardiology and neuropsychiatry  and life course epidemiology based on data from Danish registers and cohorts.  This research has focused on the mechanisms linking early life exposures with later health outcomes and longevity–latest with focus on the influence of  shared family, neurobiological and inflammatory factors on somatic( e.g. cardiovascular disease and diabetes) and mental (e.g. depression, anxiety, and dementia) health outcomes and their co-occurrence

Aktuel forskning

To disentangle the bi-direcectional association between cognitive ability and health; to investigate the influence of genetic, environmental and inflammatory factors on the association between cardiovascular disease and depression; unintended effects of anti-thrombotic, hormone replacement and antidepressant treatment.

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ID: 173652