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Translational cardiology.

Vascular insulin resistance and inflammation.

Telemedicine for optimization of patient management.

Primære forskningsområder

Insulin resistance, atrial fibrillation, analysis of p-waves and energy dispersion on the elctrocardiogram, use of telemedicin for reaching challenged populations.


Aktuel forskning

Closure of the left atrial appendage during heart surgery regardless of previously diagnosed atrial fibrillation in the randomized clinical trial LAACS-2 (multicenter, international study) initiated in 2019 and 10-years follow-up of the prior LAACS study. 

SECAFIB-SURG. Perioperative atrial fibrillation during abdominal surgery. Quality study on 300 unselected patients undergoing emergency surgery and prospective observational study on insulin resistance as sign of atriopathy. 

REAFEL (reaching the frail elderly) for the diagnosis and management of atrial fibrillation on frail patients. Frail patients can be evaluated through the novel “cardio-relay” cross-sectional collaboration model that uses currently available telemedicine. After a pilot phase, primary care clinics undergo cluster-randomization to elucidate the value of cardio-relay, which is evaluated using mixed methods. The project was scheduled for 2017-2020 and extended in 2021. 

BRAHIT (Brazilian heart failure with telemedicine). The cardio-relay model is adapted to the settings in the municipality of Rio de Janeiro for management of heart failure in challenged populations as those living in slum quarters. Initiated in 2019. 


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Helena Domínguez has received several devices from Cortrium ApS for Research purposes

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