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Maja Thøgersen

Maja Thøgersen


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Health promotion and prevention of type 2 diabetes and other cardiometabolic risk factors among children, youth and families at high risk within different settings

Primære forskningsområder

Quantitative reasearch within:

Health outcomes and prevention in offspring of women with prior gestationel diabetes (GDM):

- Growth trajectories and body composition in GDM offspring, and potential predictors of these

- Preventive strategies addressing GDM offspring obesity and cardiometabolic risk development


Health promotion among students at vocational education and training (VET) schools:

- Health promotion capacity and associated dropout rates at Danish vocational schools (VET-schools)

Aktuel forskning

Face-it: A health promotion intervention for women with prior gestational diabetes (GDM) and their families – A randomized controlled trial.

The overall aim is to:

1) Reduce T2DM risk and increase quality of life among women with pGDM and their family.

2) Strengthen collaboration and coordination across health sectors and disciplines to improve continuity of care for women with pGDM and their families.

FACE-IT is supported by Novo Nordisk Fonden.

ID: 56416544