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Personlig profil


Mads Hald Andersen obtained his DScTech in 2006 and his DMSc in 2016. Professor Andersen has considerable pharmaceutical experience, and has founded several biotech companies including IO Biotech Aps. He has been honored with several awards during his career including The Lundbeck Foundation research prize (2012), the Danish Cancer Society Research Award (2006) and the Hallas-Møller Stipend (2007). He has an extensive publication record, authoring over 150 publications in peer reviewed journals, more than 15 patents as well as several book chapters.


Primære forskningsområder

Professor Andersen's research has been focusing on the characterization of the natural immune responses towards malignant cells. He has identified a number of different T-cell antigens including survivin, the Bcl-2 family and RhoC. These are the center for ongoing clinical trials in Europe and USA. Survivin is one of the most commonly used cancer antigens worldwide.

Aktuel forskning

Recently, Professor Andersen initiated a brand new research program focusing on antigen-specific immune regulation, e.g. IDO and PD-L1. CCIT has finalized the first ever clinical vaccination trial based on such self-antigens with promising clinical data. Professor Andersen's work has received much attention illustrated by the fact that I have been asked to review the field by high ranking journals like Nature Reviews and Journal of the National Cancer Institute. His publications have several times been accompanied by commentaries and articles in both the scientific as well as the popular press.


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