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Cataract; Circadian rhythms; Congenital cataracts; Evidence based medicine; Hereditary eye diseases; Ophthalmogenetics; Ophthalmology; Pediatric Ophthalmology; Photoentrainment of circadian rhythms; Systematic review 

Primære forskningsområder

Non-invasive treatment of age-related cataract; The effect of the aged human lens on photo-entrainment of circadian rhythms

Aktuel forskning

Current research projects:

"Congenital cataract in Denmark" The project is a collaboration between the two surgical centres for congenital cataracts in Denmark (Rigshospitalet and Århus). The project aims a evaluating the outcome after surgery for congenital cataracts as well as the epidemiology (e.g. how many children, which types of cataract) and the strain on the family of having a child with congenital cataract.

"Primary congenital glaucoma in Denmark". This is an cochort study evaluating the epidemiology of primary congenital glaucoma in Denmark and the outcome after surgery for primary congenital glaucoma.

"Energy efficient lighting through control of glare" The project focuses on optimizing indoor lightning sources in order to provide energy efficient lightning while minimizing the problems with glare.The project runs from 2016-2017 in a collaboration between The Department of Ophthalmology,Rigshospitalet-Glostrup, Dansk Center for Lys, Statens Byggeforskningsinstitut/AUU-CPH, Aarhus University Lighting Design Research. The project is financed from Elforskningsfonden


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