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Radiation oncology; Advanced Radiation Therapy; Advanced Imaging; Lymphoma; Head & Neck Cancer; Prognostic Factors; Late Effects of Cancer Treatment;

Primære forskningsområder

Radiation Therapy for Lymphoma, use of advanced imaging and treatment techniques with the aim of minimizing long-term toxicity while maintaining the high cure rate; 

Radiation Therapy for Head & Neck Cancer, selection patients for intensification of loco-regional treatment and/or intensification of systemic treatment, depending on the risk profile;


Aktuel forskning

Dose-response relationship for radiation therapy and chemotherapy for lymphomas (with the EORTC Lymphoma Group);

Analysis of recurrence localizations Hodgkin lymphoma and aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphoma;

Analysis of the prognostic value of the metabolic tumour volume in Hodgkin lymphoma and aggressive non-Hodgkinl lymphoma;

Development of evidence based guidelines on radiation therapy for relapsed/refractory lymphoma, proton therapy, plasmacytoma, leukemia, imaging, and target volume modifications, within the worldwide collaboration of the International Lymphoma Radiation Oncology Group;

Prognostic and predictive value of molecular biology (immune histochemistry and DNA analyses) in head & neck cancer;

Prognostic and predictive value of imaging characterstics (PET, CT, MR) in head & neck cancer;

Risk modelling based on clinical, imaging and molecular biology data in head & neck cancer;

Development of a randomized phase II study (based on our previously published Phase I study) of dose-painting in patients with head & neck cancer;

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