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                                         Curriculum vitae



Name: Lars Hyldborg Lundstrøm


Title:MD, BSc, PhD.


Current position: Post Doc and consultant, dept. of Anaesthesiology, Nordsjællands Hospital and University of Copenhagen.


Education: Bachelor of Science; economics (1993, University of Copenhagen), Master of Medicine (2002, University of Copenhagen), PhD (2010, University of Copenhagen), Specialist in anaesthetics (Denmark 2015).


Research Experience:

PhD: Detection of risk factors for difficult tracheal intubation. Experience gained from the national Danish Anaesthesia Database. Faculty supervisor for 1 PhD student and Co-supervisor for 7 PhD students (6 within the field of regional anaesthesia, 1 in the field of airway management and 1 in the field of acute medicine).

Extensive experience in epidemiology, and firm experience in randomised clinical trials and systematic reviews including meta-analyses. Extensive experience in airway management in anaesthesia and firm experience in regional ultrasound-guided anesthesia.


Research Interest:Developing new methods and techniques within the field of regional anaesthesia. Airway management in anaesthesia with focus upon data retreiwed for The Danish Anaesthesia Database.


Ongoing Research:More projects within the field of regional anaesthesia. Over the next three years special focus on developing patent-filed new ultrasound-guided techniques and dosing regimens. Further, presenting the results from a multi-center cluster-randomized study including 26 anaesthetic department and more than 60,000 patients evaluating the tools for identification of difficult airway management in anaesthesia.


Communication: Lars Hyldborg Lundstrøm, Dept of Anaesthesiology, Nordsjællands Hospital, Dyrehavevej 29, DK-3400 Hillerød.


Mobile: +45 26852525



Lars H. Lundstrøm, 8th Marts, 2015

ID: 32249398