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Region Hovedstaden - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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I have during the last 10 years focused on purinergic signalling, within different organs and models. My research has focused on physiology of the pancreas, heart/brain and nervous system, with emphasis on pathologies including fibrosis, ischemia and migraine. I master several methods, which I also have supervised, these include: 1) Cellular/molecular methods: western blot, immunohistochemistry, PCR, fluorescent microscopy, ELISA. 2) Ex vivo methods: myograph of rodent/human arteries and organ culture. 3) In vivo methods: PV-loop, myocardial infarction, models of ocular ischemia, intravitreal microscopy and a inflammatory model of migraine

Primære forskningsområder

Neuronal and Cardiovascular Physiology with focus on:

Pain and sensory innervation in migraine - PUREMEDY

Vascular innervation and treatment of ischemia - Vascurion

Aktuel forskning

My current research focus is on the sensory innervation and how this can be applied to understand the pathophysiology of migraine. The same peptides and signalling system involved in migraine, can have protective effect under ischemia. We want to understand and apply these in the treatment of ischemic diseases, particularly in glaucoma

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Currently no conflict of interest

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