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Region Hovedstaden - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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Diagnostic in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry; ADHD; Tourette Syndrome; Eating Disorders; Children of parents with mental disorders; Cognitve Behavioral Therapeutic Approaches (TS/OCD); Brain mapping in children and adolescents in a developmental perspective.

Primære forskningsområder


The aim of my group is to study self-regulatory control, especially performance monitoring, but also its interaction with emotional factors across normal and pathologic development, using a combination of clinical and neurocognitive variables with measures of brain mapping (anatomical and functional MRI and EEG). Learning more about the interaction of genetic and environmental factors during the development of children and adolescents, will help to design both approaches that facilitate processes of resilience, as well as effective early interventions that enhance mental health and hopefully improve the quality of life for children and young individuals in their life-span.



Aktuel forskning

  • The neurobiological basis of self-regulation, especially pertaining to ADHD, TS (RAR trial) and among children at familial risk for developing serious mental disorders (VIA 7/11).
  • Imaging the basis of the effect of treatment of young people with CBT for obsessive-compulsive disorder (TECTO-Trial).

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ID: 30974984