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    Safety and efficacy of biological treatment in rheumatoid arthritis,


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    Safety and efficacy of biological treatment in rheumatoid arthritis,


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    Efficacy and safety of biological treatments in rheumatoid arthritis

    PhD project

    Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic inflammatory joint disease which often causes pain, functional impairment and potentially irreversible joint destructions. Treatment of patients with RA has improved over the last two decades not least due to the introduction of biological agents (bDMARDs). However, lack of treatment effect or adverse events occur in up to 30% of bDMARD treated patients and bDMARDs have raised safety concerns. Observational studies allow the study of long-term efficacy and safety of biologics. By linkage with national registries outcomes such as hospitalized infections can be studied and adjustment for comorbidities and other potential confounders can be done. This gives an excellent opportunity to further characterize the patients and to study the safety and efficacy of bDMARDs.

    Based on DANBIO and national registries, the PhD study aims at investigating efficacy and safety of biological treatments in patients with RA.



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