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Region Hovedstaden - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest; non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAID); diuretics; automated external defibrillators; cardiac arrest bystanders

Primære forskningsområder

Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest; non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAID); diuretics; automated external defibrillators; cardiac arrest bystanders

Aktuel forskning

My research is about ways of reducing death from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, which affects around 700,000 people every year with a survival rate of less than ten percent. We have investigated, if use of NSAIDs or diuretics increase the risk of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. Moreover, we have looked at use of public automated external defibrillators and distances in relation to defibrillation. The studies are observational based on data from the Danish nationwide registries, such as the Danish Cardiac Arrest Registry and the Danish Patient Registry.

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