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Region Hovedstaden - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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Research interests: [Suicide prevention, affective disorders (treatment resistant depression), psychometrics, and randomized clinical trials].


Postdoctoral researcher, Psychiatric Research Unit at Psychiatric Center North Zealand   (May 2016-)                                                                                                                               

Part-time researcher/registrar at Psychiatric Center North Zealand (January 2015)

Ph.D student at Psychiatric Center Copenhagen, Bispebjerg (February 2011- December 2014)

Research assistant, Psychiatric Center North Zealand (September 2009- October 2010)

Research assistant, Psychiatric Center Copenhagen, Bispebjerg (September 2008- August 2009)


The last eight years I have primarily worked with planning and conducting randomized clinical trials. Especially in the suicide prevention field. This includes the DiaS-trial, where we compared two psychotherapeutical interventions (DBT and CAMS) for reduction of self-harm in patients with a recent suicide attempt and borderline personality traits. My current project is the MYPLAN-trial, where we are planning to recruit patients from the suicide prevention clinics in Denmark from December 2016.

Primære forskningsområder

Suicide prevention; psychotherapy, affective disorder; BPD; psychometrics and research methodology (randomized clinical trials).

Aktuel forskning

Principal investigator of the MYPLAN- a randomized clinical trial (May 2016-)

Planning, developing and conducting education of clinical staff in suicide prevention.

Conducting pilot study at inpatient wards at Psychiatric Centre North Zealand, testing patient reported inventory for side effects (PRISE) compared to UKU side effect scale.


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