Kai Henrik Wiborg Lange

    1994 …2023

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    Name: Kai Henrik Wiborg Lange


    Title:MD, DMSc, DESA, Clinical Associate Research Professor.


    Current position: Head of research, Dept of Anaesthesiology, Nordsjællands Hospital and University of Copenhagen.


    Education: Masters in Medicine (1991, University of Copenhagen), DMSc (2004, University of Copenhagen), Specialist in anaesthetics (Denmark 2005), Diplomate of the European Society of Anaesthesiology (DESA, Sweden, 2007).


    Research Experience:

    Doctoral thesis: Fat metabolism in exercise – with special reference to training and growth hormone administration.

    Head of research: Main responsible for developing a research unit from scratch. Currently the unit comprises 3 associate professors, 1 post doc, 3 research nurses, 8 PhD students and 3 medical students.

    Main supervisor for 1 DMSc project, Faculty and main supervisor for 7 PhD students (6 within the field of regional anaesthesia).

    Co-inventor of a peripheral nerve block catheter (patent filed December 2013, USA). Co-inventor of a novel dosing regime for catheter based peripheral nerve blocks and neuroaxial blocks (patent filed October 2014, USA).

    Received 1.175 Mio Dkr from Ferrosan Medical Devices, Dec 2014 to further develop a novel suture method for ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve blocks.

    Received 7.2 Mio Dkr from Innovation Fund Denmark, Dec 2014 together with Ferrosan Medical Devices to develop: ‘A novel technique for reliable, precise and safe postoperative pain management’. Total budget: 15 mio Dkr over 3 years.

    Appointed to follow a 10 months Pasteur leadership program 2015: Leading the Virtual Company - an advanced technologies and scientific collaboration between Innovation Fund Denmark and Harvard Business School.

    Scientific member of the steering group for ‘A novel technique for reliable, precise and safe postoperative pain management’.

    Scientific project leader on the project ‘A novel technique for reliable, precise and safe postoperative pain management’.   


    Research Interest:Aim: To make the patient pain free in the perioperative setting. Developing new methods and techniques within the field of regional anaesthesia. Expanding our collaboration with partners with complementary skills and knowledge, especially within the field of the technical sciences. 


    Ongoing Research:Many projects within the field of regional anaesthesia. Over the next three years special focus on developing patent-filed new ultrasound-guided techniques and dosing regimens.


    Communication: Kai Henrik Wiborg Lange, Head of Research, Dept of Anaesthesiology, Nordsjællands Hospital, Dyrehavevej 29, DK-3400 Hillerød.

    E-mail: klangedk@gmail.com

    Mobile: +45 3190 9730



    Kai Lange, 8th February, 2015


    Anaesthesia; regional anaesthesia; ultrasound guided peripheral nerve blocks; peripheral nerve catheters; continuous peripheral nerve blocks; randomized controlled trials; Good Clinical Practice. 

    Aktuel forskning

    PhD projects:

    Development of new selective methods for ultrasound guided peripheral nerve blocks.

    Catheter based ultrasound guided peripheral nerve blocks. Development of a novel suture method nerve catheter (patented). Collaboration with Ferrosan Medical Devices A/S

    New dosing regimens for regional anaesthesia (patent pending). Funded by Innovation Fund Denmark. Collaboration with Ferrosan Medical Devices A/S.

    Continuous peripheral nerve blocks - new medical formulations.

    Peri-operative care - how can we improve?

    Mulige interessekonflikter

    Co-inventor of Certa Catheter (TM) in collaboration with Ferrosan Medical Devices A/S.

    Co-inventor of 'Time controlled periodic infusion' (patent pending) in collaboration with Ferrosan Medical Devices A/S.


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