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Brain Maturation; Adolescents; Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Diffusion-Weighted Imaging; Development; White Matter; Cortisol; Emotions

Primære forskningsområder

In my PhD we focus on the maturation of white matter, and how it relates to the development of emotional regulation, and regulation of the stress hormone cortisol. White matter can be seen as the wires and road of our brain, communications cables and a transport network necessary to maintain brain activity. As we grow up this system becomes more efficient, it is this process of a maturing white matter system we investigate. By employing longitudinal data and advanced statistics we can model different patterns or trajectories in the white matter maturation and link these findings to behavioral development. This knowledge will grant us a better understanding of how each brain might have a unique maturational pattern, which will effect behavior. It will also give us a better understanding of which brain regions might be undeveloped or deteriorated in children whom develops autism or AHDH.


Aktuel forskning

Brain maturational trajectories linked to emotional and neuroendocrine functions in adolescents 

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ID: 44752497