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Jessica Carlsson is head of research at the Competence Centre for Transcultural Psychiatry (CTP) and associate professor at the University of Copenhagen. She holds at PhD in treatment outcome of trauma-affected refugees and her research expertise is within the field of trauma and transcultural psychiatry. Jessica Carlsson has years of experience in designing and conducting randomised clinical trials on trauma-affected refugees and is one of the main contributors to the development of the Treatment and Research Integrated Model (TRIM) at CTP.

Jessica Carlsson has published a large number of scientific papers related to her research areas and has built up a rapidly growing and dynamic research group at CTP.


Primære forskningsområder

Trauma; PTSD; Migration; Transcultural Psychiatry


Aktuel forskning

1. Randomised clinical trials on the treatment effect among trauma-affected refugees

2. Studies with both quantitative and qualitative methods searching for a more comprehensive assessment, and diagnostic process among migrant patients.

3. Studies  with both quantitative and qualitative methods on how cultural factors influence the progression of mental disorder and exploring the role of culture in the assessment and treatment of mental disorders.

3. Studies examining the brain (MR and EEG) in severely trauma-affected refugees.

Mulige interessekonflikter

No conflicts of interest

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