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I am a very experienced neurologist and clinical professor of neurology. While I have broad expertise within neurology my main focus for 2 decades has been on headache disorders and cranial neuralgia. In addition I also have expertise within the brain circulation.

Primære forskningsområder

My main research area is within headache research. More specifically, I work intensely on the development of rodent models of migraine and later i will work on a model of tension type headache. I also lead a group in human genetics, examining large groups of patients with GWAS and presently studying extended families with apparent dominant inheritance of migraine with typical aura or migraine without aura. I am also interested in stem cells that have been derived from fibroblasts from migraine patients and further differentiated cells. Finally. I collaborate with a Russian center about epidemiological studies focusing on different social groups and on headache attributed to cerebrovascular disease. Classification of headache disorders is a main interest and i conducted a number of field testing studies of The International Headache Classification of which I have been the chairperson.


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