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Region Hovedstaden - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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Specialist in anaesthesia and intensive care 1991
DMSc 1991
MD 1980



Director of Intensive Care Unit 4131, University Hospital, Rigshospitalet since 2005

Head of Intensive Care Unit, University Hospital Herlev from 1992 – 2005


Intensive Care Unit 4131 is a 23 bed multidisciplinary tertiary ICU – 1300 admissions per year.

Our staff comprises approximately 200 members – 29 doctors and 8 research fellows.

Primære forskningsområder

My major research has been in pharmacokinetics and dynamics and intensive Care medicine.

DMSc (focus on pharmacokinetics and dynamics)

85 papers in national and international journals.

7 textbooks/textbook chapters

Reviewer in national and international journals

Associated to the University of Copenhagen

Aktuel forskning

No focused areas . my major task is to facilitate research in our department  - our professor is in charge of our research programme.

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