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Region Hovedstaden - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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Head and neck cancer; Functional Imaging and Prognostication.



Primære forskningsområder

Head and neck cancer; Functional Imaging and Prognostication.

Aktuel forskning

The purpose of the current project is to examine in differences in tumor cells metabolism and cell density seen on imaging, is an expression of underlying different biology. In addition, a promising new imaging method is tested. Forty patients with head and neck cancer will be scanned with FDG PET/MR prior to surgery. After surgery the tumors will undergo microscopic examination and tissue micro array construction (TMA) and areas with high and low glucose metabolism and cell density will undergo biomarker examination and gene sequencing in order to examine if these areas express different tumor biology. The combination of scans and correlation with tissue samples is unique both nationally and internationally and has an extremely good opportunity to provide new insights into tumor biology so future treatments can be adapted not just to the individual patient but also to the individual tumor.

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