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Region Hovedstaden - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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Pharmacological studies of cranial arteries; in vitro studies of isolated arteries; in vivo studies of dural and pial arteries; qRT-PCR; RT-PCR; Western Blotting; immunohistochemistry; mast cell degranulation studies; release of CGRP from isolated tissue; NOS activity in isolated tissue

Primære forskningsområder

Role of PACAP in the trigeminovascular system and characterization of it's receptors; pharmacological characterization of possible new targets for migraine treatment; development and refinement of animal models for migraine and headache

Aktuel forskning

1. Characterization of PACAP receptors in the trigeminovascular system; 
2. The role of TRPA1 channels in dural and pial arteries
3. Differences in transcriptomic expression between the cephalic and non-cephalic pain pathways
4. Transcriptomic changes in the trigeminovascular sytem after infusion of the migraine provoking substance GTN
5. Development of reliable headache models

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ID: 14228