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Region Hovedstaden - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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We aim to develop and facilitate collaboration between hospitals, industry, and universities nationally and internationally via our preclinical/clinical research projects. Our interests are designing and testing development of end-user technology through multipartner communication where non-hospital partners are brought into the physical hospital environment. 

Primære forskningsområder

Our clinical research focuses on technological innovation with subsequent clinical testing and eventual commercialization of photonic diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Engineers, medical researchers and PhDs works together in rooms inside the hospital ward to facilitate mutual process and knowledge.

Aktuel forskning

Outpatient photodynamic guided laser destruction of bladder cancer without sedation.

Define design of instruments and write and perform research protocols for clinical test of OCT, Raman spectrometry and di/tri-photon spectrometry.

Biobank with tumor tissue, plasma, serum and peripheral blood cells form cancer patients for translational research.

National database for register-based research

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