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Region Hovedstaden - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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* In vivo cancer models based on:

- xenografts of luminescent/fluorescent human cancer cell lines, allowing for the precise follow-up of tumor development and response to therapy (lymphoma, colon, breast)

- Generation of Patient-Derived Xenograft (haematological cancers)

- Spontaneous murine cancer models;

* In vitro cancer models based on:

- cell lines

- flow cytometry

- RNA/protein expression

Primære forskningsområder

Mouse models; human haemaological cancers (lymphoma such as DLBCL, MCL and CTCL, or MDS); in vivo imaging; new therapy

Aktuel forskning

To decipher the molecular mechanisms (RNA/epigenetics/metabolism) leading to tumor resistance or relapse during therapy in lymphoma (DLBCL, MCL, CTCL) or MDS.

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ID: 48896578