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Region Hovedstaden - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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Extensive experience of translational research in cerebrovascular disease and headache mechanisms including vascular pharmacology, protein chemistry, cell signalling, vascular reactivity in vitro and in vivo, human migraine models, imaging modalities in estimating cerebrovascular respons, and stroke vascular biology and rehabilitation.

Specific experience in cyclic nucleotide signalling involving nitric oxide, natriuretic peptides, second messengers cAMP, cGMP and the intracellular enzymes phosphodiesterases.



Primære forskningsområder

Basic and clinical research on second messenger (cAMP and cGMP) mechanisms in neurovascular signalling with particular knowledge of phosphodiesterases (PDE) in relation to; 1. Endothelial function and dysfunction, and relation to cerebrovascular blood flow regulation; 2. Cerebral stroke pathophysiology and treatment; 3. Headache pathophysiology; 4. Neurovascular signalling and cognition in brain disease with affected second messenger systems (e.g. muscular dystrophy, glioblastoma multiforme, and schizophrenia); 5. Neuromodulation and functional recovery post stroke in relation to early physical and cognitive training. The research is directed at being translational with a fast track from bench to bedside and back.

Personalized medicine in stroke using biobank, health informatics and gene technology

Aktuel forskning

Head of Neurovascular research Unit, Dept. Neurology which includes projects on:
-Endothelial function and dysfunction in stroke

-Biomarkers in stroke

-Pathophysiology of small vessel disease stroke

-Vascular effects of GLP1 in stroke

-Vascular effects of specific PDE inhibitors in endothelial function and stroke

-High intensive training in stroke

- Effect of early mobilization and rehabilitation training in stroke

- Pathophysiology and vascular reactivity in migraine with aura

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