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Christian von Plessen


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Curriculum vitae (English – words < 500)




Christian von Plessen



Senior researcher, MD, PhD, Associate Professor


Current position:

Senior Consultant, Dpt. for Pulmonary and Infectious Diseases, Associate Professor University of Copenhagen, advisor for quality improvement Nordsjællands Hospital and Nordlandssjykehuset, Bodø, Norway



M.D (1994), Specialist in Pulmonary Diseases (2005), Dr. med (Germany 1996), PhD (2008)


Research Experience:

  • Dissertation in Germany on disease experiences of children with cancer and their families (semi-structured interviews)
  • PhD on quality improvement of chemotherapy of Lung Cancer (randomised controlled trial, quality improvement and registry study)
  • Controlled trials of chemotherapy for advanced lung cancer as deputy leader of Norwegian Lung cancer group
  • Research in quality improvement: measurement of harms with Global Trigger Tool, organisational change and learning and medication safety


Research Interest:

Already in my German medical thesis, I focused on patient and family perspectives on health care. I further pursued this interest in my PhD, where I combined oncological research, quality improvement and a registry study. During the last five years my interest has been in research on quality improvement and patient safety, especially process improvement, safety of medication processes and measurement of harm to patients. My guiding research question is “What works how under which conditions”, i.e. my interest is in how and under which conditions improvements of health care services can be implemented and how their effects can be measured.



Ongoing Research:

Evaluation of Global Trigger Tool (2 studies), Medication reconciliation of 100% and then what? VG-study (chemotherapy for advanced non-small cell lung cancer), improvement of care for community acquired pneumonia, evaluation and development of advanced care planning for patients with community acquired pneumonia in North Zealand



I have been the leader of the Safer Hospital campaign at Nordsjællands Hospital. My teaching interest is in curricula for quality improvement and patient safety and I teach these topics in Denmark and abroad.



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