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Charlotte Sonne is a postdoctoral researcher at the Competence Centre for Transcultural Psychiatry (CTP). She holds at PhD in the pharmacological treatment of trauma-affected refugees and her research expertise is within the field of trauma-related disorders and transcultural psychiatry. Charlotte Sonne has several years of experience in designing and conducting randomised clinical trials on trauma-affected refugees and is one of the main contributors to the development of the Treatment and Research Integrated Model (TRIM) at CTP.
Charlotte Sonne has published a number of scientific papers related to her research areas.


Primære forskningsområder

Trauma; PTSD; Transcultural Psychiatry


Aktuel forskning

1. The MindSpring project: Prevention of trauma-related mental health problems among refugees. The objectives of the study are:

  • To investigate differences in symptoms and treatment effect between trauma-affected refugees who have received treatment at the Competence Centre for Transcultural Psychiatry (CTP) within the first three years after obtaining asylum and those who have the same treatment later than three years after obtaining asylum.
  • To evaluate the effects of the psychosocial group-intervention MindSpring among refugees who have obtained asylum within the last three years.


2. Developing a new refugee assessment tool: The Screening of Refugees Self-Report rating scale

  • To undertake a review of measurement tools currently used by partner organisations
  • To undertake focus groups in order to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the problems experienced by refugee communities who have recently arrived in Australia
  • To design a new measurement tool for refugees based on 1 and 2

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