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Bjarne Bruun Jensen’s research has contributed to international health promotion through the development of an innovative intervention approach building on four coherent principles. The approach, which has been used as a guiding framework for health promotion research at Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen, has been implemented in a number of interventions in primary, seconday s well as tertiary prevention. The approach, which also informed the basic methodology of the current project, consist of the four following principles: (1) A positive and a broad concept of health; including physical, mental and social dimensions of health, (2) A participatory principle, generating ownership and sustainable change among the target group, (3) Empowerment, health literacy and action competence as key objectives and (4) A ‘settings’ perspective taking into account that health is influenced by the individual as well as by social and structural factors.


A number of specific research projects and themes have recently contributed to the development of comprehensive intervention approach described above:


  • Participatory and action-oriented learning methodologies in health promotion and prevention;
  • The supersetting approach, developed at Steno, as a framework for community health promotion, involving cross-sectorial collaboration among different  stakeholders;

  • Conceptual development in the areas of patient education, prevention and health promotion in relation to Diabetes and other NCDs;
  • Intercultural development of key concepts in health education (e.g. empowerment, action competence, health literacy and participation);
  • The interplay between natural science, social science and the humanities in a holistic health education;
  • Social inequality and the adequate challenges for health promotion;
  • Collaboration between school and society on an action-oriented health promotion;
  • Using ICT as vehicle for cross-cultural teaching and learning in health promotion


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