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Birk Mygind Grønfeldt is a research assistant at Department of Clinical Research, Amager & Hvidovre Hospital, his current focus is on research in knee osteoarthritis and therapeutic exercise modalities. He is engaged in research collaborations between Physical Medicine and Research Copenhagen (PMR-C), Clinical Orthopaedic Research Hvidovre (CORH) and the clinical academic group ”Research in OsteoArthritis Denmark” ROAD.

The mission of PMR-C is to improve rehabilitation health care by producing fantastic research and educating excellent researchers who know right from wrong.

The focus of PMR-C is the use of physical medicine to enhance recovery in patients, or to prevent injury or disease. Our approach is clinical, but we also conduct basic research to investigate mechanisms and research to develop new outcome measures.

At PMR-C, we believe strongly in collaboration over competition. We believe that excellence must not come at the expense of kindness, and that excellence without kindness has little value. We recruit talent and seek collaboration based on this belief. Our value keywords are; excellence, integrity, transparency, diversity and kindness.

PMR-C is part of the Clinical Academic Groups “Physical Activity and Sports in Clinical Medicine (imPAct)”, “Research OsteoArthritis Denmark (ROAD)”, and “Prognostication of Acute Recovery Capacity in an Aging Population (ACUTE)” under Greater Copenhagen Health Science Partners (, as well as part of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Research Center in Copenhagen 


Academic degrees:

2015                       MsC – Cand. Scient. Fys. – University of Southern Denmark, SDU

2011                       Physical Therapist – University College Copenhagen


Recent employment:

2018 - now            Research Assistant – PREHAB-TKA project, PMR-C, Clinical Research Department, Amager- Hvidovre Hospital, att. Thomas Quaade Bandholm

2018                      Research Assistant – BMI, XLab, att. Jørn Wulff Helge, Copenhagen University

2015 - 2017          Research Assistant – REHPA, The Danish Knowledge Centre For Rehabilitation and Palliative Care, att. Ann-Dorthe-Zwisler, Odense University Hospital.

2015 - 2016          Research Assistant – The CopenHeart project, att. Ann-Dorthe Zwisler, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen University


Invited work:

‘Delphi survey for Blood Flow Restricted Exercise: Determining restriction pressure, vascular outcomes and potential for home-based training’. Initiated 2020.


Congress organization and presentations:

Danish Physical Therapy Congress, Odense Denmark (2022, moderator and presentations)

Basic and Clinical Research in Musculoskeletal Sciences (MUSKOS) yearly congress, Snekkersten Denmark (2020, presentations and poster)


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