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Region Hovedstaden - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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5-10% of all children in the primary care sector are diagnosed with failure to thrive. In upwards of 80% of cases there cannot be determined an underlying somatic disease, that can explain the deviant growth pattern. This is problematic in devoloping a proper care manual. Development of failure to thrive can stem for multiple factors, but the main problem i undernourishment.

Studies have likewise shown a shift in appetite response in children with failure to thrive. It is therefore relevant to investigate which nutrients the diets for children with failure to thrive are lacking and how their overall diet is composed

Primære forskningsområder

a substudy of the project "appetite hormones, gut microbiota and metabolome ind childre with failure to thrive"

Children between 12-36 months with failure to thrive, were recruited from the pediatric outpatient clinic at Hvidovre Hospital, Denmark.

Anthropometric measurements were done to assess any associations between growth and dietary intake.

A 3 day weighed diet diary was recored for each participant.

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