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Region Hovedstaden - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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Reproductive medicine;reproductive epidemiology; obstetrics/gynecology



Primære forskningsområder

Special interest in morbidity/mortality in children conceived after assisted reproductive technologies (ART);

Quality and safety in ART;

Optimizing treatment protocols in ART;

Partner in Reprounion (EU-Interreg projet in Region Øresund) and CoNARTaS (Committee of Nordic ART and Safety)

Aktuel forskning

Ongoing clinical trials:

RCT on pregnancy rates in a Freeze-all embryos strategy versus conventional IVF

AMH as predictor of poor ovarian response in IVF

Short versus long protocol in IVF (KVL study)

Register study on Copenhagen Longitudinal ART (CoLA)- study

Morbidityin Nordic ART children and their mothers (CoNARTaS)

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ID: 43671568