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Anette Sams’ Curriculum Vitae

Anette Sams Nielsen, Pharmacist and PhD in Pharmaceutical R&D, Entrepreneur in Life ScienceLangs Hegnet 88, DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby; Tel. (+45) 2634 3323; sams@epoqe.dkBorn 30 January 1971. Married. Two children.


• Specialist in vitro and translational pharmacologist in vascular and metabolic disease
• Proven track record in identification of pharmaceutical target opportunities
• Health communication: Health potentials in understanding the biological journey of sugar

Current titles and affiliations

Senior Scientist at Rigshospitalets Forskerpark (from 2016)

Founder and communicator at Epoqe Aps (from 2015)

University degrees

Ph.D. 1997-09 – 2000-09: University of Copenhagen (Former Royal Danish School of Pharmacy).
PhD thesis in vascular pharmacology. ‘Characterisation of CGRP induced effects in human and guinea pig cerebral arteries – Chasing functional receptor heterogeneity, 2000’.
Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences/Pharmacist 1991-09 – 1996-08: Former Royal Danish School of Pharmacy
Master thesis in receptor imaging and tracer production: ‘Autoradiographic studies of CGRP receptors in rat brain, 1996’.


Epoqe Aps (2015 - )

2015 Founder of Epoqe Aps, Lecturer of Biologik. Epoqe provides lectures and workshops ( and about the fascinating ‘journey of sugar in the humanbody’. This story provides a huge health potential for everyone interested -and for society. Costumers: Companies with employee health ambitions, Health- and Medical Centers, Kommuner, Foreninger, Højskoler, Efterskoler, Aftenskoler, Patientforeninger (Diabetesforeningen, Hjerteforeningen, Kræftens Bekæmpelse), Sports klubber. 

Rigshospitalet, Forskerparken, Clinicaland experimental research, (2016- )

2016 Senior Scientist. Research within endogenous vascular repairmechanisms. Supervision of master and PhD students.

Novo Nordisk A/S (2001-2015)

2012-10 Director and manager of Diabetic Complications Biology.

2010-01 Manager of Diabetes Inflammation, HRI. Heading a diabetes biologydepartment of 10 scientist, 10 technicians and 5 masters/PhD students working within inflammation in diabetes. Involved in setting up models of β-cell,vascular and muscle and fat inflammation. Building scientific collaborations withinternal and external experts. 

2009-10 Principal Scientist in Diabetes Biology.Driving scientific focus on inflammation and vascular disease.

2006-04 Project Manager, Innovation Focus Group Chair, Research Scientist. Establishing in vitro models of epithelial barrier and biology, proposing andmanaging peptide delivery projects. Setup endothelial and leukocyte models of inflammation in diabetes and proposing ‘Diabetes Inflammation’ as a novel research area.

2001-03 Research Scientist in Department of Molecular Pharmacology. Responsible for setting up bioassays, screening platforms and mode of actionmodels in vitro (gut cells, β-cells, hepatocytes, adipocytes, and musclecells). Target evaluations and recommendations.

Copenhagen University (1996-2001)

2000-09 – 2001-03 Amanuensis and research fellow. Funding raised for continued research within perivascular neuropeptide re-uptake.

1997-10 – 2000-09 Ph. D student. Supervisor Ass. Prof. Inger Jansen Olesen and Prof. Jan Engberg. Stays abroad: University of California, Irvine; Prof. Sue Duckles and Diana Krause; University of Szeged, Hungary, Prof. Laszlo Vescei.

1996-09 – 1997-10 Amanuensis and research fellow. Preparation of Ph. D proposal, vascular GPCR signalling, teaching biology and chemistry.

Lecturing, supervision and masters/PhD opponent

Academic lecturing at Copenhagen University, DIS, Novo Nordisk and at international scientific conferences. Course director at Copenhagen University (MIND courses).
Academic supervision of PhD students, post docs and master students. Driver and supervisor of PhD and post doc applications for CORA, Novo Nordisk. Censor for master students and PhD opponent at Copenhagen University. Mentor (Pharma DK). Workshops with lectures of Biologik for Companies, Health Centers, Schools, Patient Organizations etc.

Presentations at international scientific conferences

Metabolic Syndrome – focus on cardiovascular disease 2018, Portugal (The endothelial border to health); Lean product and process development exchange 2014, DK (Agile knowledge management in a novel research area); 18th EASD Oxford Hagedorn Workshop 2013, UK (Glomerular inflammation in DN); CGRP 2010, NZ (Oral scientific ‘hot topic’ presentation); Keystone Macrophage/Atherosclerosis, 2010 (Poster presentation); Keystone Vasculature/Complications of obesity, 2009 (Poster presentation), Drug Delivery Summit 2007, London, UK (Oral presentation); CGRP 2001, Copenhagen (Oral presentation); Brain ’99, 1999, Copenhagen (2 posters), Danube Symposium 1999, Szeged, Hungary (2 posters); CGRP and related peptides, 1998, Shaftesbury, UK (1 poster).

Major meeting organization

Experimental in organization of scientific advisory board meetings and topic specific conferences and workshops (e.g. Diabetic Complications Advisory Board, 2012 with Allan E. Karlsen; The first Hagedorn IdeaShop: Inflammation and autoimmunity in T2D, 2011 with Matthias von Herrath and Allan E. Karlsen; CGRP 2001 with Lars Edvinsson and Inger Jansen Olesen; ULLA Summer School 1999, Copenhagen, University of Copenhagen.


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Publications, patents

1. Thim L, Bang S, Schlein M, Egelund DK, Nielsen AS, Johansen NL, Madsen K, Zundel M, Thygesen P: GLP-2 compounds, formulations and uses thereof (PCT WO 2004/035624 A2).
2. Nielsen-AS, Kruse-T, Kodra-JT, Lau-JF, Kofoed-J, Raun-K, Nilsson-C: Derivatives of CGRP. (WO2011/051312 A1)
3. Nielsen AS and Edvinsson L. Patent application submitted 2018.

Publications, Book Chapters

Sams A, Jansen-Olesen-I: CGRP effects in guinea pig basilar artery.
The CGRP family: Calcitonin, gene-related peptide (CGRP), amylin, and adrenomedullin edited by David Poyner, Ian Marshall and Sue Brain, Landes Bioscience 2000

Publications, Books

1. Sams A. Sandheden om sukker, September 2017, Gyldendal
2. Sams A. Ud af diabetes 2, September 2018, Gyldendal
3. Sams A. The Truth about Sugar, January 2019, Gyldendal

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