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Thoraxanæstesiologisk Klinik - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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Aims and objectives

Improve patient outcome after cardiothoracic surgery with specific focus on

1. organ protection during and after cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB)

2. haemodynamic monitoring and optimization

3. management of haemostasis and transfusion in association with cardiac surgery

4. personalised medicine



Focus areas

Organ protection:is evaluated in

1. the PPCI-Trial,( identifier:NCT02185885) is a single-center randomised study with two distinct MAP levels ( 45-50  vs 70-80  mmHg) during CPB.on newly developed infarct size and neurocognitive outcome.

2. the GLORIUS trial ( identifier: NCT02673931) is a 2 x 2 factorial study. Patients are randomised to a GLP-1 agonist/placebo and liberal/restrictive oxygen administration. Combined primary end-point with death or renal failure, stroke or new or worsening heart failure.

Haemodynamic monitoring and optimisation evaluated by

1. observational studies with evaluation of new ultrasound modalities applied in cardiac surgery patients for evaluation of

a. cardiac output

b. right ventricular function

Management of haemostasis and transfusion is evaluated in terms of

1. method validation studies for new diagnostic tools to compare with standard care

2. randomised studies to evaluate effect of newer pro- or anti-coagulant interventions

Personalised medicine is evaluated in collaboration with PERSIMUNE comprising

1. retrospective studies on cardiac surgery patients and the associated inflammatory response genetics

2. prospective studies based on patients clinical characteristics, laboratory values and genetics.







Disciplines, methods and tools

The majority of studies are based on interdisciplinary research teams and choice of methodology depends on the actual research question. 

Useful links

PPCI Trial


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