Aims and objectives

The overall mission is to strengthen research into psychotherapy. We believe this is best accomplished through a practice-based approach where research questions are developed and answered in close collaboration with clinicians and patients alike.

A further vision is to use our status as a Centre for Psychotherapy Competency as a platform for creating strong psychotherapy research networks that cut across the different psychiatric centres and enables large-scale projects.  


Focus areas

The main focus area is psychotherapy and we are especially committed to projects aimed at improving treatments for patients with anxiety, trauma and personality disorders.


Disciplines, methods and tools

A main resource is a web-based quality assurance system (Terapieffekt) that currently is used by nine outpatient facilities in the Capitol Region of Denmark. The quality assurance system is situated at Stolpegaard Psychotherapy Centre and includes a large database with currently more than 15.000 psychiatric patients. Studies at the Centre usually draws from these data but are supplemented by methods and tools in accordance with the specific research questions.


Useful links

Stolpegaard Psychotherapy Centre
Centre for Psychotherapy Competency


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