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Psykiatrisk Center Nordsjælland - en del af Københavns Universitetshospital
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Aims and objectives


Our research covers clinimetrics, i.e. measurement-based care in mental disorders.

Focus areas

The ordinary mental disorders: anxiety, depression, mania, and schizophrenia.

Disciplines, methods and tools

Clinician reported outcome scales (CPROMIS) and patient reported outcome scales (PROMIS) are tested  by the Rasch measurement model which we introduced in clinical psychaitry 40 years ago. When needed we also use the Mokken non-parametric measurement model.  These models have an apriori criterion of clinical validity.

In measurement-based care short, valid scales are an essential aspect both in research and in the routine outcome evaluation plan.

Bech P. Clinical Psychometrics. Oxford. Wiley-Blackwell 2012.

Bech P. Measurement-based care in mental disorders. Springer Briefs in Psychology. Springer Verlag, New York 2016  in press.

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Per Bech
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Psychiatric Research Unit Mental Health Centre North Zealand, University of Copenhagen Dyrehavevej 48, 3400-Hillerød DENMARK
  • Tlf: Tel.: +45 38 64 30 95

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